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Get to know history of ''Tetris''

Company “TETRIS” produces upholstery furniture from 15 years. Since 2005 we created our special way of working and production methods. During this period we established our position on german, france, dutch und english market. We cooperate with our trust-worthly suppliers, who provide us with high quality elements and materials. We are open minded and still looking for possibilities to make new contracts.


We offer huge range of pattern and colors of fabrics. For each client we provide individual solutions to make his dream come true. Already many customers trusts us and it is our biggest pride. Mostly, we supply hotels, restaurants, offices and indyvidual klients.

"High level of finishing, comfort and harmony – this connection lets us fully satisfy the most demanding client."

Elżbieta Frankiewicz, owner of an upholstered furniture factory "Tetris"

See the most important events from 15 years of ''Tetris''.