It is 2005. It all started in a small building in Prusinowice, adapted for the needs of a craft workshop. 100m² and a few employees who with their commitment and hard work wrote the first page of the 17-year history of the company.

The following years full of milestones were a success story in the development of company Tetris. In 2008, a carpentry shop was established and the factory employed 20 employees, and its headquarters was in Wyszków Śląski. At the very beginning, the employees dealt with upholstering and packing furniture, and the remaining elements, such as racks or sewing, were made by external companies.

In 2012, the company doubled its employment. In the following years, its opened a sewing room and a paint shop. Thanks to bold decisions and clearly defined goals, the company has become one of the largest manufacturers of upholstered furniture in south part of Poland.

At the end of 2018, a new production hall and an innovative production line were launched in Niwnica. The new office complex connected with production lines make the owner closer to the employees at every stage of production and controls the overall effect of the work performance. The Tetris company is a combination of hard work, passion and great courage in making key decisions for the company’s development.

About us

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The Tetris company specializes in the production of upholstered furniture. During 17 years, developed management mechanisms and methods as well as an effective and competitive offer. Mainly our export range are the German, English, French and Dutch market. The company is constantly building business contacts and will start selling in other countries in the near future.

Its offer includes a wide range of designs and a very large range of colors of upholstery fabrics. As part of its model of operation, it offers an individual approach to the customer and furniture tailored to individual needs. The manufacturer enjoys the unwavering trust of customers and produces furniture for hotels, restaurants, offices, wholesalers and private apartments.